In recent years, there has been a surge in the adoption of technologies that speed up transactions such as self-service checkout lines and kiosks. However, with convenience remaining the primary factor enticing customers to physical stores, retailers must persist in innovating to maintain a competitive edge and enhance customer service further. Here is where ScanPayGo comes into the picture. Let`s quickly have a look at what this technology is and how it is beneficial for both shoppers and retailers.

What is ScanPayGo?

ScanPayGo is the customer app from LS Central that provides users with self-scanning, loyalty and self-checkout options. The app allows users to self-scan items and pay on the app or at a POS. The app also has options to maintain shopping lists, collect and spend loyalty points and also check out offers and promotions.

Benefits for Shoppers

  • Faster and Contactless Shopping– Have you ever left a store because the queue was too long? No worries. Now you can scan products on the app as you add them to cart. You can also easily pay on the app or at a self-checkout and you are good to go.
  • Maintain and Share Shopping Lists- You can create shopping lists and share them with your friends and family effortlessly. Items will be checked off the list simultaneously when you scan and add them to your cart.
  • Browse your Shopping History- You can have a look at products purchased in the past months and add them to your new shopping list.
  • Pay as you Prefer- You can pay on the app or use the QR code and pay at the register or self-checkout.
  • Collect and Spend Loyalty Points on your Purchases- You can collect and spend your points, see your loyalty status, and have a look at offers and promotions.

Benefits for Retailers

  • Stand Out from Competitors- ScanPayGo assists you in running an automated store or as an option to provide more convenience to your customers by letting them shop independently.
  • Let’s you Add Branding and Functionality- ScanPayGo is usually a white label app but you can always customize it with your logo and colours. If you require more functionality, you can add your extension and modify the code.
  • Get Valuable Insights and Enhance your Offering- You can have a look at which items are bought together or which offers are redeemed most often.   
  • Provide Shopping, Payment and Checkout Options you Prefer- You can choose if shoppers can use the app on their own devices or retailer-owned devices, if they can pay on the app or avail self-checkout terminals, and much more.
  • Ready to Use- The app is developed by LS Retail and is already ready for use without the need for any extra development.
  • More Opportunities to Focus on Customer Care- With this app, retailers can  speed up their checkout process and freeup their employees and put more focus on customer care. With more employees available to address customer enquiries, you can have happier customers.
  • More Purchases- With scan and go tech in your store, customers will be susceptible to impulse buying especially when the payment process is so easy.
  • Lesser Chances of Errors- With mobile self-scanning technology, there are lesser chances of errors that otherwise will negatively impact their shopping experience and your store`s impression.
  • Faster and Affordable Implementation- What makes mobile self-scanning apps so appealing is their swift implementation process and minimal upfront costs when paired with suitable software. With an existing software platform that supports such technology, there’s no need to invest substantial resources or time into integrating another separate solution into your tech infrastructure.

The ScanPayGo app by LS Retail seamlessly integrates with the LS Central retail management software platform, ensuring seamless communication of all data. Simply activate the app and leverage the same logic as your ERP and POS systems. Customize the appearance and colors to align with your brand identity. Running on the same platform as your ERP, POS, inventory management, and customer management systems, the ScanPayGo app grants easy access to vital insights into customer behavior. This enables you to optimize inventory stocking and tailor offers based on individual purchasing patterns.

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