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Microsoft Azure

Unlimited cloud possibilities await you in Microsoft Azure.

We support you on your way to the Microsoft Cloud.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure - Services from the Public Cloud

Take advantage of unlimited options from hundreds of services. Turn your ideas into reality with Microsoft Azure products and services. Whether deploying virtual machines or scalable, protected virtualized infrastructures, to AI, machine learning or the Internet of Things, Azure and Microsoft data centers have it all.

Highest security in Microsoft data centers

Highest data protection

Flexibly scalable

Azure Functions & Solutions in Detail


Azure Compute lets you provision scalable cloud computing capacity to get exactly the computing power you need for your project. Examples from this category are the classic virtual computers, but also Kubernetes services or function apps.


The Azure Storage category, also known as Azure Storage, contains different types of storage. It combines the file, disk, object, table and queue stores into one category. Storage accounts, data lake storage or Azure Stack Edge, for example, can be found in this category.