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Guest-centric HOTEL & Property Management Software

Your guests are the heart of your business. Finally, there is a software platform that understands this.

Enhance your hotel experience
with LS Central for hotels

i ls central for retail easy to use

Accelerate training times

The intuitive user interface and use of user roles mean that your staff can be up and running with just one hour of system training.

i ls central for retail ecommerce open architecture

Train employees once for many roles

With a single system, you can train employees just once and then move them from front desk to restaurant, spa or booking services as needed.

i ls central for retail staff management sales commission

Work from anywhere

Keep track of business, from current occupancy to housekeeping to analytics, and offer services to your guests from any mobile device.

i ls central for retail reports data driven decisions

Lead a global company

Manage an international chain: LS Central for hotels is available in multiple languages and supports different currencies, tax structures and rules.

i restaurants and food service slash your restaurants losses

Reduce IT costs

Using a single platform means you can reduce the number of vendors, solutions, and integration points you need.

i ls central for retail staff management loss prevention

Select your deployment option

LS Central for hotels can be deployed purely in the cloud, on-premise or with a hybrid setup – depending on which way best suits your business.

The all-round carefree solution for hotels & resorts

Do you use different software systems to run your business mix of lodging, retail, booking services and restaurants? Then don’t be surprised if your data is inconsistent, your costs are through the roof, and you have no idea who your guests are.

With LS Retail you can run your hotel, restaurant, retail and event business on just one platform. You get all the comprehensive industry features you need without ever having to switch systems. And since all your information is in one database, you get a complete overview of your entire business and your guests.

An individual view for each employee

Speed up service, prevent shrinkage, and simplify access to critical information. The system’s role-based design allows you to determine what information and functionality employees can see based on their user role and permission level.


Offer secure reservations for your rooms and facilities for your brand Website, on booking engines, through third-party vendors, and on the hotel premises. Recognize return Guests and prepare for their arrival.