Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Insights-driven sales acceleration

Align with your customers – connect sales teams to the channels customers prefer

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Sellers on sale and Assist buyers in purchasing

Increase your sales with a collaborative, insights-based sales solution.

Attract new customers through teamwork

Connect sales teams and customers via their preferred communication channels with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales. Bring in experts from across the organization in real-time, with full context so they can respond immediately.

Increase sales through AI

Streamline your sales cycles with suggested actions and focus on prioritized activities with the best chance of closing. Receive notifications of blocked or risky transactions to increase your conversion rates.

Reliable planning and management of pipelines

Analyze individual and collective pipelines for accurate forecasts with automated insights. Predict sales fluctuations and highlight areas of focus across the sales funnel.

Improve customer conversations with real-time coaching

Coach your sales team on the phone with real-time insights into customer emotions, market competitiveness, sentiment and priorities. Help them identify success factors by analyzing the actions previous sales reps have taken based on sales pitch feedback.

Trust your cloud

Seamless operation of hybrid solutions

Individual development

Ready for the future