Insight Works stands out as a premier developer of add-ons tailored for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our expertise lies in optimizing ERP systems for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution enterprises, enabling them to maximize operational efficiency. Collaborating with a worldwide network of partners, we empower businesses to thrive and set industry benchmarks. Insight Works proudly holds the prestigious title of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Efficient Distribution: Seamless Operations from Start to Finish

Insight Works is dedicated to tackling distribution challenges spanning from inventory oversight to ultimate shipment. Our platform aids distributors in efficiently navigating their workflow through an array of tools designed to streamline operations, enhance warehouse management, and fine-tune shipment procedures. Our focus remains on empowering you to boost resource efficiency and maintain a steadfast commitment to meeting customer demands.

How Insight Works Facilitate Smoother Manufacturing and Distribution Operations

  • Propels Distribution Forward with Enhanced Efficiency and Control.

Stay ahead in the ever-changing distribution landscape through optimized operations. Harness the power of comprehensive inventory management, barcode integration with mobile device scanning, informed rate shopping, and flexible shipping options, paving the path for a smoother and more efficient distribution process.

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  • Let`s you Excel in Inventory Management with Real-time Insights- Gain a comprehensive understanding of your inventory dynamics. Our solution provides real-time tracking of stock levels, product locations, and turnover rates.
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  • Enhance Your Operations with Barcode Integration and Mobile Scanning-Switch to swift and accurate data entry. Our solution leverages mobile devices for barcode scanning, facilitating rapid stock updates, expedited order processing, and precise inventory tracking.
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  • Select the Optimal Shipping Rates Every Time with Integrated Rate Shopping- Avoid overpaying for shipping costs. Utilize our integrated rate shopping to compare and select the most favorable shipping rates, whether for parcel, LTL, or FTL shipments.
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  • Efficient Order Fulfilment for Reliable Delivery Excellence- In today’s ever-changing distribution landscape, promptly and accurately fulfilling orders is crucial for upholding customer trust and satisfaction. Our distribution solution streamlines the order fulfilment process, guaranteeing that every step—from order reception to shipment—is executed seamlessly.
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Flagship Tools from Insight Works for Various Business Operations

1. Warehouse Management

Integrated Tools Designed for Streamlined Warehouse Processes

Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, our solution equips businesses with robust tools for enhanced warehouse management. With features such as real-time inventory visibility, barcode integration, and streamlined workflows, the platform facilitates reduced processing times and improved accuracy.

  • Inventory Tracking: Obtain clear insights into stock levels to facilitate timely inventory replenishment.
  • Barcode Scanning Integration: Simplify product identification and processing through integrated barcode scanning.
  • Direct Point-of-Sale Integration: Streamline sales processes by directly linking inventory levels with sales operations.

2. Order Processing

Effectively Handle and Fulfil Customer Orders.

Insight Works’ solution provides businesses with a structured method for order processing. By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the platform delivers a unified perspective of orders, guaranteeing precise and punctual order fulfilment.

  • Order Management: Easily view and manage orders, tracking their status and necessary actions.
  • Inventory Connectivity: Seamlessly integrate order processing with inventory levels to prevent stockout scenarios.
  • Shipment Integration: Effortlessly integrate with shipping operations post-order processing to ensure timely product deliveries to customers.

3. Shipment Management

    Resources for Reliable and Timely Deliveries.

    Navigate the complexities of shipping with assurance. Our solution equips you with the resources to make informed decisions, guaranteeing cost-effective and punctual shipments. Whether it’s parcel, LTL, or FTL shipping