Struggling to stay on top of inventory management? It’s time to leave traditional bookkeeping methods behind and embrace the future with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for seamless warehouse management. Eliminate manual tasks and ensure efficiency, because even minor discrepancies can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Every day, businesses grapple with a range of warehouse management challenges, from limited access to inventory and inaccurate stock control to overspending. But what if there was a solution that addresses all these issues affordably? Enter D365 Business Central Warehouse Management.

Maximize on-time delivery, prevent shortages, and eliminate excess inventory with a cutting-edge system capable of accurately managing your inventory across multiple warehouses and locations. D365 Business Central provides instant access to precise inventory and production data, anytime and anywhere.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management

Let`s quickly dive into some of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central warehouse management solution that can help you reduce inventory cost and improve productivity-

  • Inventory Tracking in Real-Time- With Business Central, businesses can effectively oversee and track inventory levels in real-time, providing visibility into current stock, its location, and replenishment needs. Automation features, including barcode scanning and integration with hardware devices like portable terminals and RFID, streamline inventory counting and tracking processes.
  • Management of Warehouse Operations- Business Central offers functionalities for managing warehouse operations, encompassing tasks such as receiving, picking, packing, and shipping. These features facilitate the creation and management of warehouse orders, along with tracking order status, generating packing slips, and printing shipping labels. Additionally, automated picking operations can be established to minimize errors and boost efficiency.
  • Several Warehouse Locations- With Business Central, companies can establish a variety of warehouse placements, oversee different bin locations, and manage multiple units of measure effortlessly, facilitating inventory management across diverse warehouses and locations.
  • Integration of Third-Party Software- Integration with additional software and hardware: Business Central seamlessly interfaces with other software and hardware, including automated guided vehicles (AGVs) or conveyors, enabling companies to automate warehouse operations, improve efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase production.

Basic and Advanced Warehousing
The warehouse features within D365 Business Central can be tailored to varying complexity levels based on your specific processes and order volumes. These complexity levels are categorized as basic and advanced warehousing options.

The basic warehousing function comprises of-

  • Inventory Put-away
  • Inventory Pick
  • Inventory Movement
  • Item Journal
  • Item Reclassification Journal

The advanced warehousing function comprises of-

  • Warehouse Receipt
  • Put-away Worksheet
  • Warehouse Put-away
  • Pick Worksheet
  • Warehouse Pick
  • Movement Worksheet
  • Warehouse Movement
  • Internal Whse. Pick
  • Internal Whse. Put-away
  • Bin Creation Worksheet
  • Bin Content Creation Worksheet
  • Item Journal
  • Item Reclass. Journal
  • (Various reports)

Benefits of D365 Warehouse Management

  1. Automate Operations Within the Warehouse– Enhance warehouse operations, material handling, and workforce planning through integrated warehouse management. Monitor performance using customizable dashboards and boost productivity with the mobile application.
  2. Reduction of Warehouse Cost– Automate inventory movement, transactions, and warehouse planning while synchronizing labour and material handling equipment to minimize travel distances and lower overall operational costs.
  3. Ensure Continuous Operation of the Warehouse- Effortlessly expand and sustain operations round the clock during peak processing periods, ensuring critical warehouse processes maintain high throughput on the edge. Ensure business continuity in remote areas, even in disconnected cloud environments.
  4. Customize for Specific Needs- Tailor warehouse management to suit your unique business requirements, whether you need standard processes like receiving, storing, picking, packing, and shipping in a single warehouse or multiple warehouses with various pick strategies, 3PL transportation, wave planning, and complex cross-docking.
  5. Achieve Detailed Visibility-Enhance warehouse operations by increasing the precision and accessibility of data across functions, including comprehensive traceability of workers’ material handling activities in near-real-time, leveraging this data for ongoing enhancements.

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